Custard Covered Girls Clip Three
Producer's Number CCG_11_03
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The third part of the CustardCovered Girls special, filmed using the world famous Gunjee Studios and the antique GTG Gunge Tank! This special features the 5th gunging and was produced/filmed by CustardCoveredGirls. Click the gallery for more info!

In this part, our three remaining girls have to persuade our previously-gunged girls that they deserve a place in the final. They can persuade them in any way they can. They use of a number of interesting props to convince, but will the promise of Baked-Beans-on -Toast, a threat of being squirted with a water-pistol, or a promise of an exotic foreign holiday save them from a sudden death decision???

Only some teaser pics are openly shown to avoid spoilers. If you do want to see spoilers then click on the blank thumbnails.....

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